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Our Recent Results

•The firm successfully represented a trustee against a petition for removal and contest to the trustee's accounting, which included demands for surcharge and attorneys' fees. Following aggressive litigation, the matter was resolved at mediation.

•The firm successfully defended its beneficiary client at a five-day court trial against an aggressive lawsuit alleging financial elder abuse and punitive damages.

•The firm successfully represented a business partner of the deceased in creditor claim litigation before the probate court against the personal representative, who was intentionally misrepresenting and concealing information in breach of her fiduciary duties to our client and the court. After aggressive litigation and discovery in the context of a civil action for fraud and breach of contract against the personal representative, a six-figure settlement was reached in mediation.

•The firm was co-counsel on a heavily contested estate litigation matter that had been ongoing since early 2005 with no end in sight. Through aggressive litigation, including a petition to remove the successor trustee and challenges to the fiduciaries' accountings, the case was ordered by the Court to mediation where it was settled favorably.

•The firm successfully petitioned the Probate Court for the compromise of a disputed claim on behalf of the guardian ad litem for a dependent adult and secured an award of attorneys' fees that fully compensated the client's nursing home litigation firm for its work in prosecuting this action on behalf of the abused elder.

•The firm successfully defended a high profile client at a civil restraining order hearing after successfully persuading the court to hear the matter in a non-public setting.